Cleaning up

I had a read and review folder of old RSS articles, Bandcamp announcements, Patreon announcements, Youtube Videos, and more that has gotten over 2,000 items. Today I said "enough". In the GTD parlance any time a read and review pile falls over you throw it away. The problem is that digital doesn't have a backstop: I can keep adding things until my hard drive explodes (or my willingness to process it dwindles, whichever comes first). That got me to rake a serious look at what was in there and if I would engage with it. I also took the time to find things like Youtube Playlists for certain channels to see if could just download those instead of worrying about downloading each and every single video one-at-a-time.

That got me thinking about new rules for digital read and review folders. What's the best backstop for such a folder? 100 items? 50 items? 20 items? In the end I think most of my read and review items need to be put into Pocket (which syncs with my Kobo, which allows me to read almost anywhere) and the rest needs to have an upper limit of 20 items. That way I'll be better able to manage the backlog and get rid of anything that has gone stale.

It'll be interesting if I find myself back in this situation, but hopefully I'll manage to keep this tamed.