I've been reviewing my Someday / Maybe list, which is a list of projects that I might get to someday, maybe. This is part of the Getting Things Done (R) methodology where you set up a list that you can park items that are not immediately going to get done. Unfortunately it also makes for a nice attic of projects that haven't had any attention paid to them for some time. At the moment my list is at 742 items. That's way too many items to sift through each month for things that might be interesting to wor on. So I'm going through and culling them as best I can. Some of the highlights of that culling:

  • Repair for a console that I no longer own (delete)
  • A task on liking into an ansible rule for MySQL on my webserver (I converted all of those sites to static sites) (delete)
  • Duplicates (delete)
  • Items for work that are tracked better in an issue tracker rather than this list (there's only one line per item, and some of these have disappeared because of attrition or just becoming stale) (delete)

There's more culling that needs to happen (I'm only on item 100 of 742) but at least I can say that what's on there is indeed something that I want to do at some point in the future.

Another thing that I did was go through my goals lists. Some of these have aged out, and some of them no longer resonate with me. Out they go.

This is no doubt going to be an iterative process over the next few months but if I can get these lists down to only a handful of items then it'll be worth it; especially if I actually work on these items instead of shuffling them along week-to-week.

Just knowing that I threw out a handful of tasks in there gives me some energy and the onus to figure out what else can be tossed from that list.

More to come on that front.