Plodding Along

Some days I feel like I have the wind at my back and I'm just gaining momentum. I can't help but get things accomplished left and right. Other days I feel like I can't get much of anything done. I just sit at the computer an hope that something comes out of our time together. Sometimes that happens but most times I just find myself either looking at videos or browsing social media. I think part of that is because I don't necessarily have a plan whenever I sit in front of the computer. That's just the thing that I do as a computer person. When I don't have a clear idea of what I'm going to do I take a look at my lists and think "I haven't done those yet, I don't have to do them now", or I'll pick off the lowest-effort one just to say I knocked something off of the list.

I'm working with being more intentional (mindful, if you must) about my usage of the computer and getting my tasks accomplished. Some days I'm effective, but other days I feel like I'm just plodding along. With my energy being so much in flux it makes it even harder to concentrate. Worse, some of these projects are creative projects so I don't have clearly-defined ways of breaking them down other than some nebulous term like "draft up ..." or "block off time to ...". So I just plod along.

That's a habit that I need to play with more often so I can turn that plodding into something with more intention behind it. It's an area that I need to practice more.