Radio Activity

The "Tumor Board" (the group of doctors working on my cancer case, and third-choice name for my punk-new-wave throwback band) met to discuss the results of my MRI. I met with Dr. Jaiyesimi today but every other doctor's office pretty much spilled the beans already: radiation. I haven't ever had radiation before, but the gist is that they pick a specific target and irradiate it in the hopes of shrinking / killing off the cells beneath. I'm sure I'll learn more about it next week when I discuss with Dr. Quinnn about the treatment.

So the current schedule is:

  • Finish my second round of chemo
  • Do 5 days of radiation
  • Get another CT scan
  • Discuss next actions

Those next actions might involve surgery or something else, but that's reliant on whatever the CT scan shows.

I'm taking this as a good sign. Obviously they're still unsure if they can cure me of cancer, but they're still aggressively treating it and getting it to shrink. I'll take it.

More news as I know it.