The bits between the bits

This week I got my CT Scan in preparation for my surgery next week. I'll know more on Monday about whether the surgery will go on as planned or if I'm ineligible. So now we wait

In the meantime I've been dealing with some intestinal distress. It seems that it's most active in the mornings and finally settles down in the afternoon / evening. My bum is none-too-thrilled with me at the moment. Hopefully it'll all settle down soon.

I'm working on winding down things for work and other things. It's still weird thinking of having a cut-off date where I'll be out-of-commission for a while, but I'm coming to accept that.

I'm also thinking about what comes next. I'll be laid up for a while recuperating. That will give me ample time to think about things (though if my last hospital visit is any indication I'll probably be thinking about when the nurses will let me sleep). I've got a lot of things noodling around in my head so it'll be interesting to find out what my brain cooks up.

More as I know it.