Calm before the storm

Today feels like the calm before the storm. Tomorrow I'll know more about whether or not I'll have surgery this week. I'm nervous for the outcome and feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are a lot of little things that I want to take care of before my surgery and a lot of other things that need to be done so I can feel like I can recuperate in peace. Things like winterizing the house, ensuring that things at work are sufficiently take care of... y'know, the usual "heading on vacation to a place where I have spotty cell coverage" sorts of things. I managed to clean the windows yesterday. It wasn't a major deal (we've suffered dirty windows for quite a while now) but for some reason it felt like something that needed doing. I also sprayed down our back porch. Again, not something that has bothered me before but seemed like the thing to do (especially since I had the spray Windex thingie on the hose already).

The most important piece of this, though, is being OK with what didn't get done. I can't get everything done in time. That's OK. I'm going to work on the most important things first. There's plenty of things that I might never ever get to; things that are important for other folks. That's OK. I'll do what I can and then lay down my sword until I am recovered. Until then, I shall do my best.