Frugal February

I've decided that for the month of February I'm going to cut back on my spending. I did something similar to this back in September and I think I need to do it again. I've been spending money like crazy. Part of that is because I've been craving comfort, and part of it is that I've been introduced to a lot of new systems after the implosion of the OGL by Wizards of the Coast. So I'm making a challenge to myself.

My game and music spending has been, um, let's just say it's been ridiculous as of late. I need to take it down several notches. So I'm making the challenge to spend less than 1/10th of what I spent in January. I'm not divulging that number because it's both embarrassing and also because I'd like to keep living through February and beyond. Let's just say it's not great, hasn't been great, and needs to be curtailed.

Whenever I get the urge to buy something I'm going to go shopping in my collection instead. I have a bunch of things that I haven't even played yet (ridiculous!) and I'd like to get better acquainted with the things that I have rather than continuing to spend like a drunken sailor.

If I manage to do this I'll check-in for March to see how well I did and plan something special. If I don't then I'll publish whatever I went over on my blog, warts and all, along with where it went. Name and shame, as it were.

The challenge starts in February. I'll blog my progress as I go along. Who knows? I might even rediscover something I've been missing this whole time.

Wish me luck!