I just finished round 6 of 12 for my latest chemo treatments. I'm already feeling tired and worn-out. I'm feeling pretty disconnected from my work and from my game designs. My lists are pretty huge and my capacity to look and act on them is diminished. I have a presentation on Tuesday and the amount of slides I have for it is laughable.

I'm overwhelmed by not doing things.

The answer is clear, of course. It's reviewing those lists, renegotiating my commitments, and making something that's at least appealing to me rather than a repellent. It's reshaping my world so it's at least doable for the foreseeable future.

It's about having a list of items that I'm not going to do this week and being OK with that.

It's being honest and acknowledging the energy that I have and where it needs to go this week, and course-correcting when the week has other ideas.

Time to reconnect.