Le Morte D'Arthur

Recently Chris Crawford declared that his magnum opus, "Le Morte D'Arthur" was ready for public consumption. I've playtested this game since September and have kept it under wraps as best I could (I mentioned it obliquely in my post Weak Passions, Strongly Held). I consider this one of Chris' finest achievements. Few things can take credit for shaking my very soul loose and changing my life for the better. Usually I can find some inspiration in most things, but this was like a wall of alarm clocks.

Now, it could be because of what I'm going through with my cancer. I fully admit that my soul is a little closer to the surface than usual. But even so, it crystallized feelings and ideas that have just been floating around loose in my system.

Chris has posted a video about the design of Le Morte D'Arthur. I think it will help frame what to expect from this experience. View it here: An explanation of Le Morte D'Arthur

(And if you look closely you might see a slightly familiar face.)

Experience Le Morte D'Arthur here: Le Morte D'Arthur

I think it's an absolute masterpiece. Judge for yourself. All I ask is that you enter with an open heart, and open mind, and the willingness to keep trying it. It's not your conventional game and that's by design.