State of the Union, March 2023 edition

Just doing a quick check-in to get folks up-to-speed on what's happening here.

  • I posted about my retirement up on the site. That's been taking most of my mental faculties at the moment. It's both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Working with still being excited about it.
  • I finished round 8/12 of my latest chemo round. Waiting for a PET scan to figure out what's happening with the little beasties inside of me. Hope they're enjoying the chemo.
  • I'm tired. On Wednesday I said that "I'd like to register a complaint with the person that turned up the gravity in my house". Finding myself getting more and more exhausted with each round (though I'm doing OK so far).
  • One thing about waiting for hospitals to call to schedule things is you get far more loose about picking up the phone with random numbers you don't recognize. Today it was some life insurance company calling a number that nobody, not even the hospital, has. Had I been more aware I would have let them eat voicemail, but again, I don't want to miss the call. Phooey.
  • Winding things down work-wise. Lots of documentation to work through. This is both good and bad. Good because it gets things out of my head, and bad because writing documentation takes time and brain-power, which are in short supply at the moment.
  • The metaphor for disability that I'm using is "disability [insurance] is like walking off of a cliff and hoping there's a net to catch you". That feels ever more true.
  • I'm still hoping to kick ass and take names.

That's all for now. More as I know it.