The Spaces In-between the Spaces

Today this is my @office list:

craig@lister:~$ t ls @office
TODO: 0 of 61 tasks shown

It's a weird feeling to see that. Sure, I have tasks that I'll be performing at the end of the week, and will likely have meetings scheduled (at least, I hope I do) but for now the @office list is empty.

I'm in the space between the space.

And it's not like I don't have other things to do (collecting disability stuff, cleaning, working on my designs, and beating up cancer are pretty high on my lists) but it's the closure of an important chapter in my life and opening myself to the possibilities of the next chapter.

I'm working very hard on not throwing everything from my someday/maybe list into my next actions and projects lists. I'm going to let those breathe a bit before tackling new things. But seeing double-digits in those lists is also a bit strange to me.

I've been working with minimalism and focusing myself only on the important things. Right now what's important is supporting my family, beating cancer back, and getting things ready to offer up to the disability gods. Oh, and cleaning, because that's something that has taken it in the teeth as of late with both of our reduced energy and focus.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves some space to just be. Going to enjoy this space for just a little while longer.