The full effect

Usually I've done daily check-ins on my progress in a forum for Zen Habits just so I can have accountability on my projects and progress. I've not done similar things on my blog because there was always the worry that somehow something on my blog would come back to bite me in some way during a job search or during my employment and cause me to lose my job.

Well, guess what? I don't have to worry about that anymore. I'm no longer worried about a future or past employer thinking that I'm somehow a broken person for not being 100% all the time. I'm no longer worried that someone will realize that I have fears, uncertainties and doubts. I'm no longer worried that I'm going to be viewed as less of a person because I can't live up to the facade that I've been projecting.

Hold on to your RSS feeds, folks, because this personal blog is about to get more personal.

Thing is I've always been pretty open and honest on this blog, but there were things that I didn't post on here because of those above worries. Things like projects that I was working on (uncertainty training, figuring out my purpose, doubt about how my projects were going, health, and the like). But I'm not worried as much about who might be doing a Google search on me anymore. If you're reading this then somehow I've managed to come up on your radar. Hopefully that's for positive reasons. So why not open up the backstage a little more to show what a practicing human being looks like.

It's going to be messy. It's going to be rude and uncomfortable. It's going to have a protagonist that will spend pages upon pages having internal monologues.

It's going to be more David Lynch's "Dune" in here, but hopefully with less references to "the spice". (I'm more of a coffee drinker anyway. Give me enough coffee and I'll fold all the space you want)

It'll be challenging. It'll be incongruous. It'll make less sense than a first year film student's art film. But it'll be mine.

All mine.

I hope you enjoy the ride because I'm going to enjoy driving for a change.