2023-04-05 Roundup

Just a quick round-up of what's going on in my noggin' right now:

  • We met with some folks that I haven't seen in person in a long time. It was great to see folks and have dinner with them. There was still the fear and trepidation over being out in public in the era of COVID (and this will be a constant fear, it seems), but I trust these folks completely. Most of them work from home and all of them take COVID seriously. I'm stil not to the point where I would go out to eat the same way we did before but that's not necessarily a bad thing either. I am staunchly in the "COVID is not over" camp but I also realized that seeing these folks on chat programs for the past 3 years isn't quite the same. Will need to do some soul-searching here. I'm still immunocompromised so that weighs heavily in my decision-making (along with how far am I from a bathroom).
  • I've been decluttering in the basement some more. There are a lot of bins there that have the dreaded "pile of stuff, but contained" problem. Those require that extra bit of unpacking because most times they contain memories and other stuff that isn't as easy to remove as, say, a folder of old insurance policies that got saved for some unknown reason. Like, what am I going to do with an old marching band photo, or the photo of everyone in my high school graduation class? Definitely some decisions to be made there.
  • Round 10/12 of chemo is today. Looking forward to progress on this one. More as I know it.
  • I likened my feelings around my retirement to driving around in a rented car. It still doesn't feel like it's mine quite yet. The brakes are stiff, the stations are all wrong on the radio, and it doesn't smell like a car anyone would normally drive. Still unpacking these feelings.
  • I got Star Realms up and running on my laptop. I've had this game running on my phone for what feels like a decade. There will likely be a post about my feelings around Android and mobile devices soon. The short of it is that I'm very disappointed in mobile platforms and I want as little to do with them as possible.
  • Apparently one thing about my retirement is blogging more. Hope you enjoy.