The first week

This is the first week of my "disability". Still figuring out a routine and what needs to be worked on. I'm also working through round 10/12 (if my math is correct) of chemo. Still exploring this new realm of possibilities.

I've been working with decluttering and finding places for things that need new locations. One of those was a roaster. Normally the roaster sat on the basement floor. Unfortunately the box for the roaster managed to get damaged with water. So I needed to find a new location for it. I managed to clear out some stuff and declutter it so things now fit. Otherwise if I put the roaster back in the basement I knew that it wouldn't be long before we were buying a new roaster because we couldn't find it.

Just got my pump pulled, so it's time to get cleaned up and fade fast. Chemo is tiring. It takes a lot for your body to slow down and catch back up again.

Ever onward.