Flipping the order of operations

Last night I read through Leo Babauta's article on Simplifying Habits. One of my big concerns since I've "retired" is falling into patterns where I wake up, read email, spend the day on social media, and let the day just happen to me from all of that input. One trick that I've learned is to keep the email and browser closed and focus on the "Most Important Thing" first thing in the morning. It's a habit that I've gotten away from over the past few months (partly because my schedule in the morning can be so chaotic, what with either getting ready to go to hospitals or planning when I'll get my Zarxio shot (which requires the participation of JoDee and I and a 30 minute lead-time.)

I'm working on getting the habit back slowly, with my "most important thing" being reading through the Mythic Gamemaster Emulator 2E book for at least 25 minutes. It's simple because I'm working on gaining the habit over time and allowing myself to flip my normal routine of checking email first-thing into doing something important and then letting email wash over me. As things progress I'll make it more difficult with different tasks, but for now having something simple (reading a game book that I'm interested in) is enough.

This morning I managed to read an entire chapter about random events in Mythic. Tomorrow will be about scenes. But regardless of the content it's all about building the foundations and allowing myself to explore and fail in order to build the habit.