Being present

Last night I decided to try an experiment. We were watching the DSO via streaming. Usually I bring in my laptop for such occasions. This time around I decided to leave the laptop in the other room. I noticed the feelings of wanting to get the laptop (especially near the end of the program), but I kept it closed throughout so I could pay attention to the music.

I'm not going to call this a life-changing experience (I was just giving myself permission to not be in front of the computer and focusing on one thing at a time), but it was eye-opening for how much I needed focus in that moment.

Did I miss anything? Yep. Someone came into one of our Ubuntu channels asking for help. Unfortunately they left by the time I opened the laptop. I'm sorry that happened as they had a negative experience, but I'm also not on-call support for Ubuntu either. I hope they try again later but if not then so be it.

Going to keep practicing this.