Semi-Social: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of my "Semi-social" challenge. Overall I enjoyed the process. I set a timer for each session and reviewed what was going on with the Fediverse during that time. What I noticed was striking:

  • I didn't need 30 minutes. I thought for sure that I would use the entire time, but there were times when I just said "I'm done" and got to work on other things.
  • I found plenty of other things to do. I tackled a few big projects relating to decluttering and gave myself the space.
  • I could notice my blood-pressure rising. Social media can definitely make one more anxious. I noticed it when I was overwhelmed.
  • I didn't miss it. Yesterday was particularly bad on the Fediverse with lots of topics that were overwhelming to me. I added a few more things to filters and moved on.

One thing that did come out of this whole exercise was that I added filter support to Tootstream. So I did head onto social media late in the evening to test the filter support. Now, I hear some of you saying "you failed!" but I consider work and actual testing with Tootstream to be outside of the bounds of this challenge (much like the rules for [travelling] in basketball, unless it's an egregious offense I'm not calling it).

Looking forward to today's challenge and what I notice from it.