Checking in: 2023-06-09

Checking in for 2023-06-09:

CW: Bodily functions, cancer

  • I've made some additional tweaks to my Mindfulness: The Game game. I also got some nice feedback about the game, which was very welcome for a game that was essentially "what do I do with these dice?".
  • I was fretting a bit about working on my Most Important Tasks (MITs) but I realized that yesterday my MITs were helping JoDee with getting ready for our event this weekend. (We're celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary with most of the folks who were in our wedding party).
  • Still having bouts of diarrhea where I will be committed to the task for 10-20m at a time. It's getting better, but I think part of that is because I'm not trying to fight it as much and just accepting it. Also the last few rounds haven't turned me completely inside out like other rounds.

That's it for the moment. More as I know it.