Checking In: 2023-06-29

Checking in for 2023-06-29:

  • Had a chemo round yesterday. Didn't come home with the pump so my energy levels are a little more than usual. Considering this my chemo break as more rounds of chemo will be scheduled soon.
  • Wrote about my PET scan results. Some deep thoughts there.
  • Haven't really done anything with my morning routine and getting things done first-thing. I've definitely been on a social media spiral as of late. I think I'm looking for comfort.
  • I did, however, write up some more prompts for my record store game. Also downloaded an old Cartomancy book to see if that can help with prompts. Might also look at some other journaling games that use a 52 card deck to see what they used for each of the numbers / suits. Writing 52+ prompts is hard.
  • Had a great discussion at Coffee House Coders about embedded systems. I didn't realize that BeagleBoard had introduced the BeaglePlay. That looks really interesting. Not sure if it's $99 of interesting but still nice to see things chugging along there. Also noticed that Beaglebone Black boards are back in stock. Might need to snag one of those to replace the one I gave my brother-in-law for a CNC project.
  • I need to do more exercise. I mentioned in the PET scan post that I got a chance to play drums and it felt so fantastic to get some exercise that way. Might do some more basement walking.
  • Going to also be putting some attention on decluttering the basement again. It's a real rathole down there.
  • sc-im continues to impress. I used that to help with the markdown tables in my record store game using the scimark plugin for vim. So much nicer than trying to do these by hand.

That's all for now. More as I know it.