Checking In: 2023-07-04

Checking in for 2023-07-04:

  • Today is lawn day. Going to see if we can get the lawn trimmed up a bit. It's an air quality alert day for ozone but luckily I made the transition over to electric lawn tools a while ago because a) I'm hopeless around combustion engines and b) I prefer electric by a wide margin.
  • The morning is all cut-up because of wanting to do the lawn (doing it around 10am) so I didn't do any of my most-important-tasks quite yet. That said I did knock a few things off of my list instead before diving into social media so I'm calling that a win. Maybe I need a little primer here and there to get things rolling. Who said I'm not good with engines. Oh, right. Me, just above this line here.
  • Hoping to do some play-testing of the record shop game later today just to see if the concept holds up or if it needs some tweaking.
  • Also hoping to do more assembly language programming with the "Programming Games for the Atari 2600" book.
  • Finished up the Zarxio shots today. That's a strange feeling. Usually they go for the rest of the week because normally I have a pump of 5FU going until Friday. Considering this a small respite in my treatment.
  • I've heard that some folks feel the need to keep up with this blog. Please don't feel any pressure. Honestly this blog is best intended for the occasional peek or RSS feed. I promise there won't be a test.

More as I know it.