Checking In: 2023-07-13

Checking in for 2023-07-13:

  • I managed to stop procrastinating and do a playtest of my Record Shop journaling game. It definitely needs some work but the prompt seem to be working. Going to clean things up and add more mechanics that came up during play. Also there is no better disinfectant for the bugs of a game than printing it out in hard-copy. Seriously, I'm as much a fan of the digital as the next person but seeing your work in hard-copy makes all of the bugs come flying out of it. So many awkward sentences.
  • Also I have to give a shout-out to the Steve Jackson Games Pick a Card dice. I like cards but there's just something more substantial about rolling a die. And yes, I even wrote up a Python program for simulating a deck of cards for journaling games but there's just no substitute for the physicality of dice.
  • I mentioned my abbreviated chemo yesterday but it really freaked me out. Part of it is that I've become used to spending most of a Wednesday getting chemo, but part of it was the feeling of not getting the full treatment. I know that the pills I'm supposed to receive are going to pick up some of that slack but it was still a bit strange. We'll see how this goes.
  • Health-wise I'm feeling strong and clear-headed. Not sure if that's weather or just me saying "be a fan of your own creativity" but I'll take it.
  • Managed to stay off social media and my mail this morning. I think the main thing is I didn't want to get distracted while playtesting my game. Perhaps that's the approach I need to take. Also doesn't hurt that I don't have any appointments today and can really concentrate on things.

Going to keep practicing with working on my most important things throughout the day, but for now I need to get ready.