Checking In: 2023-07-16

Checking in for 2023-07-16:

  • I'm trying out a new keyboard for when I get stuck in the bathroom for a while. It's a Logitech K480 and it reminds me of why even a top-tier manufacturer of peripherals can make devices that don't bring joy. The thing shipped with a sticker that separated so got to spend my first few moments with the device trying to clean up sticky goo from the keyboard. Fortunately painter's tape did the trick of removing it, but still: way to make the experience suck Logitech (nee Logi, which, in light of their management and design decisions makes perfect sense.)
  • I've gotten in the habit of taking Saturdays off so I don't do any work on my projects or feel the need to do a check-in. I hope you all enjoy this respite as well. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break and just relax. This was always a tough one for me because during the week when I was employed full-time I would spend most of the day working and find myself too exhausted to do anything else when I got home. So Saturday became the day of trying to work on all of the projects that got neglected during the week. Now, that's not to say that working on something you consider fun should be avoided but it takes some of that pressure off.
  • I've been playing with Atari 8bit Home Computer emulators as of late. I'm doing to this to better understand what I want out of an emulator and gain a deeper understanding of how the various programs for the Atari work. It's amazing to me the variety of different debuggers out there in the various emulators out there and just how powerful they are. My emulator of choice is still atari800 but that's only because Altirra is Windows only (though it does work under Wine).
  • I've been doing the blog thing more than social media in general. I'm finding myself more drawn to longer-form posts.

More as I know it.