Checking In: 2023-07-20

Checking in for 2023-07-20:

  • Did some thinking about one of the ideas I have for an short interactive storyworld. I'm not sure if it will work but that's part of the beauty of this art form: there aren't any had-and-fast rules over what will work and what won't. Will see if I can pull this off.
  • Had Coffee House Coders last night. I think I overdid it on the coffee part because I didn't get to bed until really late. That's causing me to be a little sluggish this morning. Ugh.
  • Feeling like today might be more of a decluttering day than anything. The basement is impassable in certain parts, and I have some things that need to find new homes.
  • Got a big ol' mouthful of coffee grounds in my mouth this morning for my first cup of coffee. So that was an interesting way to start the day.
  • Still waiting on the prescription of Lonsurf to make it through benefit purgatory. Something something Cadillac Health System.