Checking In: 2023-09-07

Content warning: bodily fluids

Checking in for 2023-09-07:

  • This morning has been a bit fractured between some calls and figuring out the urine sample that I need to collect for the next 24 hours. Most of the time I'm not terribly mindful about my bodily processes but this time around I need to be way more mindful. The test requires a full 24 hours of urine collection. Missing one means the test is spoiled. If this sounds complex it's not as complex, but requires way more thinking about piddling than I'm used to. Plus the collection apparatus is a little large for our toilet so I'm slightly worried about spatter from the other end of things. Fortunately our laundry tub is a straight-shot down from the bathroom I use for my chemo piddling so it's not quite so bad, but again, way more thinking than I've ever done around this.
  • Fractured morning meant I haven't looked at my lists and haven't worked on any of my projects as of yet. Hoping to get to those this afternoon before the tiredness kicks in. Today I definitely felt the need to do online socializing via social media. I think that's in part because of the uncertainty of the morning related to collection and other uncertainties.
  • Feeling slightly backed up with my projects but that's mostly because I haven't given them much attention the last few days. They're feeling a bit starved for attention in my head.
  • Still experimenting with Delta Chat and still loving it. I still stand by my assertion that Email is the ultimate instant messenger. Accept no substitutes.
  • I need to make a blog post about recent discoveries with Jitsi and the JVB. I think later versions of Firefox (117 onward) have caused the BWE to not get proper results.

More as I know it.