Checking In: 2023-09-13

Checking in for 2023-09-13:

  • This week is my birthday week, and today I am celebrating that by piddling into a pan. I'm doing the test to find out how much protein is in my urine. Hoping this isn't indicative of more troubles to come but am bracing for yet one-more-thing to be added to my dance card.
  • I'm tired. Decided to take today off to recoup some energy and give myself some peace. You don't realize how much you take your blood for granted until it stops delivering the goods. And mine is definitely feeling a bit strained with the low cell counts (both white and red). It's making it a bit more difficult to do things. I don't feel like I have the energy to really dig into any projects. I know some of that is just plain ol' resistance but some of it is just being tired. Folks want to do things to celebrate my birthday week and all I want to do is just sit in solace and quiet (or relax with some angry death metal. What? That's how I relax. Sheesh!). I think I have also come up with a new meditation pose of putting my head in my hands because some days that's what I need to help me relax and refocus a bit. I'm sure it's not what most folks would call meditation but it works for me.
  • I have an emotional support kitten helping me to relax right now.
  • I printed out the Pepper&Carrot RPG for me to review. Unfortunately I did it with two pages on one side so it's really tiny but at least I can take a peek at what is in there and make notes in the margins of what needs changing and what needs fixing.
  • As I celebrate my birthday I'm reminded of how I felt when I initially got my cancer diagnosis. I wasn't even sure I'd make it through the year, let alone to the point where I would be celebrating birthdays. I'm ever grateful to Dr. Jaiyesimi and the fantastic folks at Cancer Care Associates for helping me each day of my cancer debugging sessions.

That's all for now. More as I know it.