Checking In: 2023-09-15

Checking in for 2023-09-15:

  • Spent today doing my weekly review and getting a few things taken care of that needed attention. Honestly I think the more that I "do" the easier it is to keep doing. Wonder if that's a physical law or something. (Note: JoDee, please don't smother me in my sleep for saying something about physics.) In all seriousness though, it's remarkably true for me that the more that I keep moving on things the more that things keep moving and the better I feel about things in general.
  • If I ever decide to write a book called "The Mediocre Life Coach" it'll totally have an aphorism in it called "Just do the f-ing dishes".
  • We got the results from the protein test. Here's some numbers:
    • Total volume of fluid: 2950mL
    • Total protein: 2,006 mg/collection (timed)
    • Amount of protein that's considered high: over 150 mg/collection
    • That works out to 68 mg/dL
    • (This assume that I'm reading this report right)
  • We'll know more what this means in the grand scheme of things on Tuesday, which is when I see Dr. Jaiyesimi next.
  • I'm starting to feel my energy coming back, which means that I'll need to pace this out with next week's chemo / Lonsurf doses. That's when I start feeling really tired. Hoping to build in some better habits around these drugs so I'm not completely dragging ass near their completion.
  • I cannot stress enough that folks be nice and kind to the folks doing billing for doctors. I got a bill from Cancer Care Associates that still has th complete cock-up of "unapproved" administration of Bevacizumab (nee: Avastin, Mvasi, Zirabev). This has been going on since I started chemo in 2022. Usually it gets resolved pretty quickly, but this time around it's taking a while longer. Rather than go in with guns blazing I talked with Deborah over at CCA. I've seen systems break down (I work with computers, and as someone who knows computers I know sometimes they make things even more frustrating than if they weren't used). We talked about what's going on and how she's still waiting on a response from BCBS. Honestly, if you're sympathetic to folks trying to navigate broken systems you can help make the overall world a better place for everyone. If you hang up the phone angry then we all lose.

That's all for now. More as I know it.