Checking In: 2023-09-22

Checking in for 2023-09-22:

  • I can tell when I just need to go back to bed. I started getting pretty surly this morning after eating my cereal and right around when I got my Zarxio shot and took my Lonsurf. Went back to bed and got myself a few more hours of sleep (I just woke up about 10-15 minutes ago). I think it'll save everyone a bit of trouble and my (unfortunately) trademark nastiness and crankiness if I keep this advice and practice disengaging and heading back to bed.
  • I've fallen behind on listening to Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff so I just started listening to the episode where Ken and Robin were at Gencon together (561). I was a little salty about a lot of conventions going back in person, in part because I don't think that will ever be something I can reasonably do anymore with my condition so I considered skipping this episode. I'm glad I didn't and could set aside my own desires for online conventions. I know folks want to go back to in-person social events and the joy that both Ken and Robin had for being in-person was palpable. Robin also mentioned missing the glow of folks telling him about how his creative work helped and inspired folks. To me that was key and part of the reason I keep doing my own creative endeavors: the thought that someone might actually enjoy something that I created. I think there's nothing worse than putting something out there and having folks not enjoy it. So if you get the chance you might want to thank someone for that thing they did to make your life that much nicer.It really helps in those moments where creative folks are struggling to make their creative works. (And no, this isn't fishing for complements.)
  • Going to see if I can put in some more work on Pepper&Carrot later today but also feeling the pull of other creative endeavors. I think this is partly because I want to play with something else 9which is a pattern for me) and part because I'm needing to reconnect with the material. I've been reading more of the Fate Core / Accelerated books to get some inspiration and that has helped some, but it's also become All-Fate-all-the-time. Maybe I can give myself some other creative nuggets along the way.

More as I know it.