Checking In: 2023-09-25

Content warning: nausea

Checking in for 2023-09-25:

  • Today I didn't feel so hot. The Lonsurf is making me a bit nauseous. I almost threw up but luckily didn't. Trying to keep things together as much as I can. I slept from around 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Trying to take things easy today and not rile things up too much.
  • Last week my intention was to clear space out to work on my meaningful work. Some days I did OK but other days I felt too tired to manage to do even something small. I found myself pulling a lot of things from my next actions list on Friday and moving them to my someday / maybe lists. This week I'm going to practice sticking with doing at least 30 minutes of work per day and seeing if I can keep it consistent.
  • Yesterday I worked on the lawn and managed to get it in some order. I was going to put it off until today but with how I'm feeling I'm glad I didn't wait.

More as I know it.