Checking In: 2023-09-28

Checking in for 2023-09-28:

  • Started the new course of Lonsurf, but now have Prochlorperazine (nee: Compazine), Lorazepam (nee: Ativan), and Ondansetron (nee: Zofran) to help combat the nausea I've been facing. My concentration levels are starting to return but I'm still not 100%. Lookng around my office area I see lots of piles of stuff that I hadn't taken care of in the past few days. Hoping to clear the decks again and make some forward momentum.
  • Also these drugs are apparently to help anxiety as well as nausea. So if I seem a little more mellow you'll know why.
  • I tried to set up a Meetup group for a pretty specific topic (Interactive Storytelling) but realized with the folks that were signing up that Meetup is the worst place to try to grow an audience on a narrow topic. It unfortunately gets a lot of folks that couldn't care less what the group is as long as they feather their profile nests with topics. So I killed the group, or at least I made it so if someone decides to take it over (Meetup doesn't allow folks to delete their groups because Meetup is an attention timeshare in the worst way possible) they'll have to rebuild it from scratch anyway.
  • I wrote a song today using Bespoke Synth. I hope you'll check it out. It's called "Fidget Sequence" and it's available on the Music I've Written page.
  • I've got some more blog posts brewing but will need to take some time to get them out.

More as I know it.