Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (2023 September)

Checking in for September for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging. This is about making small changes during the year to make larger changes.

  • Release a storyworld into the wild: This remains on my lists because it is an area that remains important to me. Hoping to get back to this sooner than later.

  • Learn more programming for the Atari machines to get more comfortable creating for them: Paused this in September because my focus and attention have been rather scattershot. It was the first thing to give. Hoping to get excited about this in October.

  • Finish up or hand-off the Pepper&Carrot RPG: Made some more progress on this in throughout September but have found it difficult to get back into the groove to keep working on it. Going to make this the focus again.

  • Update the Pepper&Carrot Wiki: Similar to the above, though some changes from the RPG made their way back into the wiki.

  • Write / Blog more about what's going on: This has been the one consistent piece throughout since my declaration in April. Kinda happy that I have kept it going and have no intention of slowing down.

  • Work on getting more healthy and as cancer-free as possible: This has been my primary focus and has, frankly, been the part that is taking all of my attention and strength. Getting healthy enough to focus on the other pieces has been challenging this month in particular. Hoping that I can put this more.on auto-pilot in October.

  • Meditate: Not consistent, and am wondering if that might help me in October. Perhaps this can get added to my recurring tasks, even for just a few minutes each day.

  • Declutter, simplify, and focus on the essential: This took a back-seat this month, but the colder weather will hopefully the impetus to focus on the inside rather than dealing with the outside (or, more accurately, fretting about how I am not dealing with the outside today.)

  • Relax my frustrations and be more accepting of things as they are: Boy howdy this has been challenging this month. Lots of frustrations with my treatment progress manifesting throughout the month. Need to practice this more.

  • Continue removing debt: Continues apace, though did slip a bit. Stay on target. Ideally this will get a boost this month as my disability should kick in mid-month.

  • Hang up my hangups - allow myself to be more creative and playful: Hard to be playful and creative when your.body is rebelling and when you are tired. Going to practice this more in October.

Overall the month went well but I felt like I was fighting my health the most since my cancer diagnosis. Hoping to give it more rest and get back to a routine that is more playful and less sleepy and dragging.