Cancer is my brand

Last night before I went to bed I did one of my little "vanity searches" where I look to see what the internet thinks of the name "Craig Maloney". I do these on occasion just to get a lay of the land and to see what all is out there. Unfortunately I can't claim the name "Craig Maloney as the top search anymore because there's now a CEO that has folks doing way more Search Engine Optimization (SEO) than I care to do. That and the Craig Maloney from Pasco apparently did some political things so now he gets higher results. Thankfully that has buried the one fork of my name that I'd rather not highlight (and I'd highly not recommend going searching for it. Seriously, it's dark, dark shit). But what I did notice is other searches that folks have used. Near the top of that list was:

  • craig maloney cancer

They say you can't pick your nicknames and you can't pick how people remember you. I think that also extends to how people find you on the internet (despite the efforts of the SEO dingleberries out there). If my "brand" as it were is cancer then so be it. (Apparently you can also find me with "craig maloney programmer" but that wasn't one of the choices).

So it's official. Cancer is part of my brand.

I'm OK with that. I resisted putting a section on the main page for cancer for the longest time but there's enough going on there that it's become an important part of my life. It's certainly more up-to-date than my love of Getting Things Done (GTD) and certainly something folks ask me about front-and center (even more than my projects). So, why not own it?

I added the cancer page to my site. I'll use it to highlight pages and items that might otherwise get buried in the day-to-day discussions on this blog.

Cancer is my brand and I wear it proudly.