Checking In: 2023-10-17

Checking in for 2023-10-17:

  • Did work on the Pepper&Carrot RPG this morning. This time I elaborated more on the spider-admins.
  • Feeling a little numb. The news that Epic / Songtradr laid off half of Bandcamp's Workforce signals the death of something that I loved. I'm getting tired of writing eulogies for things that I enjoy, but that just seems like par for the course in this world. The thing that really bothers me is that the ones who will suffer most are the folks that are the actual product of Bandcamp: the musicians and their music. Bandcamp built an incredible marketplace for music and Epic / Songtradr are gutting it. Ah well.
  • Received the latest shipment of Lonsurf so will need to sort those pills and get things situated for Thursday.
  • Feeling an intense amount of uncertainty at the moment around some work we're having doe to the house (new roof) and the choreography around what needs to happen when and how to best accomplish everything.
  • Also having my meeting with Dr. Jaiyesimi today to figure out next steps. I'm going into this with the mindset that it is just checking in to see how I am progressing but there's still a feeling of failure around this. I feel like I'm not doing as well as I could. I know this is not true but it still feels somewhat personal. I just need to relax and be mindful of the whole process.

More as I know it.