Checking In: 2023-10-26

Checking in for 2023-10-26:

  • Managed to get more work done on the Pepper&Carrot RPG. This time it was more elaboration on the Chaosah Demons and the Dragons
  • I'm working with a more empowered approach to how I am living. I was listening to Leo Babauta's Zen Habits Podcast about Creating an Empowered Experience that really resonated with me. Too often I've felt like I "have" to do things in order to get where I want to be and it feels like a complete slog. But when I actually enjoyed the experiences of creating then it felt much more gratifying. Not everything can be a head-rush, but at least I can feel like I'm choosing into the experiences that I want to have rather than feeling like I'm constantly being thrust into situations and a victim. It's something I'll need to practice with more.
  • I'm currently sitting on the bed with my emotional support kitten snoozing away next to me. She was desperately waiting for me to get onto the bed so she could have adoration and what-not. I wanted to work n my office but my laptop can be my office right now and we both can be contented.
  • Started the next course of Lonsurf. That will continue until the 30th, at which point I have labs and what-not with Dr. Jaiyesimi on the 31st (Halloween).
  • Today my blood pressure wasn't in the "red" zone, but that was right after I was in the shower listening to a podcast. Perhaps I need to relax more. Hmm. (152 over 97).
  • I'm feeling in a better mood, overall. Sure, there are little hiccups along the way that get in the way of things but overall I'm content. I have everything that I need. I'm hoping to do more things with programming and such but I'm not feeling them as burdens. I'm feeling open to the future again. That's kind of strange to feel. We'll see where this leads.

More as I know it.