Checking In: 2023-11-30

Checking in for 2023-11-30:

Didn't manage to work on anything of consequence today. Part of it was being tired and part of it was thinking about and playing with some solutions for remembering my medications. I was little tired today but didn't manage to get any naps in. Tomorrow I need to do some cleaning as the person who cuts my hair might be coming over special to give me a much needed haircut. Lisa is amazing and does a fantastic job with my hair so I'm grateful that she's making the extra trek here to help us out. My parents also helped out by picking up my Ondansetron (nee: Zofran) prescription. I am very blessed with the amount of support I've been getting. It's truly humbling.

I also got a hat today from Chris Crawford with one of Chris Crawford's most important and iconic sayings on it: "People, not Things!". This saying, which he calls Crawford's Third Law of Software Design, is a reminder for game designers in particular to remember that games should be about people, not things. I fully agree with this sentiment as being one of the fundamental items lacking in game design. As an acolyte of Chris' I am honored to don the headdress and take my vows of making games about people, not things:

Me wearing a paneled baseball cap with different colors and a propeller on top that says 'People, not things!'

(That and by always asking "what does the user do?")

(Oh, and if you needed an example of why my hair needs some taming, well, there you go).

More as I know it.