Checking In: 2023-12-10

Checking in for 2023-12-10:

Today I restarted my work on the Pepper&Carrot RPG by playing with the license page on the front cover. I've also got a task set up to add the "Powered By Fate" logo to it but haven't done that yet. I'm also going to add some locations and notable characters to the text. Overall it's coming together quite nicely. I'm hoping to have another playtest draft out soon and (with luck) I'll start putting in additional images into the book and clean up the rest of it to get it ready for release.

I noticed a pretty major assumption that I made in the Hearsay engine about personality models. I made some major assumptions that weren't quite right so I'm hoping to fix them and make them right. I'm playing with the data files for characters to see if everything holds together before changing the code. It also got me thinking about the stories that I can tell with this model. Might need to do a quick beta story with it to get things together. If this sounds like I'm rambling it's because I haven't fully-formed the idea in my head quite yet.

I decided to take a step back to assess what I actually need to do for a project. If I had kept going with it I would have needed to meet with a bank to get their "Medallion Signature Guarantee", which seems like overkill for what I'm asking (transferring funds from one account at one institution to another institution). Worse, it seems that these don't happen as often so even though my bank advertises that they do it I'm pretty sure I'll be standing there waiting for them to learn how to do it in real-time. Sadly I don't have that kind of time to waste, so I have an outstanding question about whether it's required or not. If it is then fine: I'll do what's needed. If not then I'll be putting myself through an immense amount of stress just to please a financial institution that I don't even like, while trying to get a financial institution that is way too big to figure out how to stamp something they couldn't care less about.

Unrelated: Remember when money wasn't so damn complicated? Good times.

I've been continuing on my decluttering. I managed to shred a bunch of documents that are no longer needed. I really don't like our shredder. It does an OK job of shredding documents but when I go to empty it it's an absolute shit-show. If I don't wind up with paper everywhere it's a miracle.

More as I know it.