Checking In: 2024-01-12

Checking in for 2024-01-12:

Content warning: bodily functions

Last night was pretty rough. I had a round of diarrhea that just didn't want to quit. It took a bit for it to settle down. Eventually it did but it took a lot out of me. It reminded me of when I was on Camptosar. Luckily it finally subsided,

I took today off to relax. That wasn't 100% intentional. I've been really thinking about what I want to accomplish and I'm thinking that I need to reconfigure myself to work on my main projects. Exercise is important to me and I feel that I need to keep exercising each day. But I also need to put some more importance on my work to keep moving forward. I've noticed that I've missed several weeks of work. Part of this is because of things like transfusions, appointments, and generic worry. However, if I can make it my work a priority then it can put more weight behind that proverbial arrow.

More as I know it.