Checking In: 2024-01-18

Content Warning: bodily functions.

Checking in for 2024-01-18:

I went to my cardiologist appointment this morning. I was a little cranky about it. I was on the muscle about not only having to drive over there for what I thought could be a Tele-health visit, let alone having to drive in the snow. I was worried about having some form of bowel accident on the way but fortunately that didn't happen due to reasons that will become apparent momentarily. The staff there were quick and I was whisked to an examination room before I could even fill out the paperwork. The nurse had me hooked to an EKG machine and checked how my heart was beating. I also showed her my current medications list on my website. "Are you a computer programmer" she asked? Was it that obvious? (blush). We talked a little about programming. Apparently her husband backed into programming via the Theoretical Physics route. After she left Dr. Timmis arrived with a rather cool setup for taking voice notes on the computer. We spent a good while talking about what I was going through and he was incredibly thorough. What's even neater is that his father was the one that oversaw when I was a baby dealing with a hole in my heart. Sadly his father passed away a few months ago. That could have been a fun conversation. My mom was pleased with the coincidence.

Last night I had a really nasty bout of diarrhea. I'll spare the details but it was so bad that I was in danger of not starting the Coffee House Coders meeting on time. Like, really in danger. Fortunately I run my own server so I could create an account for a friend (Hi, Kattni) to moderate the meeting until I could join up. Sadly I was in and out of the bathroom for the duration of our two-hour meeting. It was unreal. Whenever I though I was done it crept back up again and again.

So, the realization that having an accident on the way to the cardiologist? It was the realization that I didn't have much else left in me. It's science.

I still haven't managed to get much done as of late. I'm still struggling with this. I just need to restart as much as I can and rebuild my momentum.

More as I know it.