Rush: Snakes and Arrows

This week I chose Rush: Snakes & Arrows as the album this week. This was the album that I felt Rush was the most Rush. I posted a review of this album back when it came out. "Talk about a new direction for Rush - just be Rush." I said at the time. I still believe this to be true. This album has no less than three instrumental pieces on it and some of the most introspective lyrics that Neil penned for an album. Rich Bowen did a track-by-track breakdown of the album and its underlying concept.

As a drummer I found Neil's parts deceptively simple. There's still a lot of complexity in there but for whatever reason these drum parts really click for me. I played "Far Cry", a song that I haven't played in a long time, and I still managed to remember most of it. It might have been the time when I picked it up and how much I listened to it at the time. I even picked up the MVI of this album and got it working under Linux.

I feel like this was the continuation of the rebirth of Rush. It felt to me like they were doing what they wanted with this album and continued moving from strength to strength.

This album is still awesome. You should definitely check it out.