Checking In: 2024-01-22

Content warning: bodily functions

Checking in for 2024-01-22:

Last week my intention was to try picking up my projects and getting them started again. I didn't make a whole lot of progress on this until this weekend when I really dug in and made some major progress. My intention this week is to relax and just continue focusing on my most important work first thing in the morning for at least 30 minutes and keep making progress along the way.

Today I met with Dr. Jaiyesimi. I'm pulling back on the Lasix for now to see if I have any more fluid build-up. I'm going to be closely monitoring my weight to ensure that I don't gain a lot of weight or retain a lot of fluid in my leg. We'll see how that goes. Thankfully my blood seems to be returning back to normal, though. We put the Epoetin alfa (nee: Procrit) and Zarxio shorts on hold for now. I'm considering this a small win but I'll take whatever small wins I can get.

Today was pretty cut-up with meetings, appointments, and a trip to Meijer and the gas station so I didn't get to my work. Worse, I had some pretty bad diarrhea again. Not sure where it's coming from but it seems to last for a few hours before it decides to shove off. Not sure what is up with that.

I have an appointment on Wednesday to get my blood drawn to see if there's anything up with my circulatory system. Hopefully there will be some unremarkable things in there.

More as I know it.