Checking In: 2024-02-05

Checking in for 2024-02-05:

Last week my intention was to focus on my most important task first-thing in the morning. I think I need to admit defeat on this. Every time I've tried to make this stick I've run into some issue with either feeling that I haven't gotten up early enough or feeling some pressure of the other things that I need to do throughout the day (appointments primarily, but also pills to take, morning constitutionals that take a little while longer than one would like, and the like). So perhaps the best way to approach this is to say "I'll get to it when I can carve out those 30 minutes and be OK with it if that 30 minutes gets interrupted". Unfortunately my life doesn't allow me to have absolutes. Some mornings I wake up refreshed and other mornings I feel like I could be quite content to roll over and sleep for another few hours.

I definitely have found myself browsing a lot of social media as of late. The big one now is Discord, in part because there is a lot of motion in the Interactive Storyworld community. It's also because I'm hoping to find feedback there about the book that I'm writing. This has been a constant struggle for me. I'm always looking ahead but I also keep looking behind for feedback on what I'm doing. I envy folks who don't require that kind of validation. Perhaps that's a practice area for me: letting go of the need for self-validation and praise / criticism. Definitely an area for improvement.

Pixel woke us up last night by horking up a hairball around 3:30. That is usually accompanied by her being in this "stomach distress" mode where she seeks out comfort (usually by heading into the basement and eating dust bunnies). So I stayed up with her for about an hour before she finally calmed down and wanted food. Funnily enough I still managed to get some good sleep after that so I'm glad she horked up when she did (though I'm not terribly pleased with how I found the hairball. Let's just say the old adage about bare feet being the best detector still rings true).

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. Jaiyesimi to catch up and hopefully get some direction on the Regorafenib (nee: Stivarga, Regonix) that I've been taking. We'll see if we're upping the dosage on that or if we're keeping steady. So far I seem to be tolerating it (minus some bouts of diarrhea) so I'm thinking we'll continue. We'll see tomorrow.

More as I know it.