Checking In: 2024-02-08

Checking in for 2024-02-08:

Started off the morning by taking my Regorafenib (nee: Stivarga, Regonix) dose. Well, that's not entirely true. My morning really started last night when Pixel decided that she was going to use everything in our bedroom as her personal concert all. She was rubbing on tables, nibbling on tags, and giving her "worried" meow. This culminated in her jumping up on the dresser and knocking a few things off. Apparently the performance was cut short when I threw off the covers and declared "I'm going to kill her", an idle threat that she took to heart as she bolted out of the room.

All was forgiven later when she was plastered to my legs trying to get as much warmth as she possibly could. This morning I couldn't even budge her from her spot, and I had to use the other side of the bed to get up.

So, I literally got up on the wrong side of the bed today. How's that working so far? Surprisingly well, actually. I made breakfast (instant oatmeal), got ready, and wrote a list of things that I wanted to get done in the coming days. I added them to my lists (which are getting pretty large, but at least they have everything on them), and started working on my book.

I managed to make some progress on the book. It's a good day when I can use the term "Kremlinology" to describe relationships between characters.

Hoping to get some more things done today, but it's actually lunch time and I've gotten a few things done. Usually my day is starting around lunch, so that's a plus. Hoping to continue this.

More as I know it.