Radiation 2024

The last time I received radiation was in October 2022. Much has changed since then. For starters Dr. Quinn now has a beard and tattoo sleeve of Grateful Dead Tattoos (apparently he was a fan since he saw them with his mom at the questionable age of 6). Another change is that this time we're focusing on the liver in order to knock back the 4-5 cm tumor that is currently blocking the bile duct. This past Tuesday I went in for a consultation and this Thursday was the first of two simulations. They first tried to set me up for contrast, which took a while as there's only one really good vein that everyone likes. There was a slight miscommunication in that I didn't understand the "power port" they wanted and the difference between the "Smart Port" that I have. Eventually things got sorted and I was ready with an IV.

They put me onto a CT Scanner and then proceeded to fill the space with warm foam. This is to ensure that I'm not going anywhere during the procedure. I don't blame them. They're trying to make sure that they accurately hit something about 5cm in size over the course of the next five days. To help this they put a belt over my diaphragm and sealed the whole contraption in film that they then used vacuum pumps to pull out the air in-between.

I then ran through the scans and was released from this contraption.

That's what I can expect each day of my radiation treatment for both the dry-run on the 15th of March and the 18th through the 22nd of March. It's going to be early in the morning, but hopefully I'll see some rapid results. They're giving me 50 Grays of radiation in my liver in a very specific sport so hopefully that'll kill things.

More as I know it.