1. Bluetooth Blues...

    It's amazing that even as some industry pundits are declaring the death of Bluetooth, Palm, Sony, and Nokia are shipping devices with the technology built in. Several of the people at work have Bluetooth devices, but humorously enough the only person with a Bluetooth enabled phone doesn't have a Bluetooth …

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  2. Simple pleasures

    On Friday JoDee and I had this conversation: (Paraphrased)

    • (JoDee:) You know that lot across the street
    • (Me:) Yeah
    • (J:) They putting something really cool there.
    • (Me:) What?
    • (J:) A Tim Hortons
    • (Me:) (Unintelligible rapture)

    Woo hoo!!! A Tim Hortons! In walking distance! The mind boggles at the possibilities! :)

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