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    Getting ready for the Christmas Holiday. Do you have your shopping all done? I'm about halfway done this year. That's an improvement over previous years. You remember the joke where a guy is at the 7-eleven trying to find christmas presents and ends up getting everyone beef jerky and other …

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    Well, this past week I finally got a Dreamcast. the $49.95 price was just too damn good to pass up. Also picked up a few games like Jet Grind Radio, Virtua Fighter 3, and Crazy Taxi, so that should keep me happy for a while. So, if you're wondering …

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    Last night, JoDee told me that she heard a really loud BANG outside her window. Turns out someone in the dorms across the way threw a monitor out from their window and it landed glass first and imploded. Pretty funny. Of course campus security was on the scene in short …

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    Just in case anyone was worried about my foot, it's much much better today. I guess keeping off of it for most of the day really helped.

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    Well, I managed to screw my ankle up pretty well at JoDee's house while walking down the stairs. Not fun. I'm sitting in bed right now with a Ditto 221 XL terminal hooked to my DEC Alpha as a serial console, telnetted into my main machine. I've got my foot …

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