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  1. Day 70ish/100: Fin?

    Apparently this is the second time that I can't count, and have double-counted days.

    It's also another day where "life has become rather chaotic and programming was the last thing on my mind".

    So I'm thinking about calling this done for now. I'm not planning on abandoning daily programming for …

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  2. Day 68/100: Reading / Exercism

    Did a quick play around with Exercism and some reading.

    Here's my solution for RNA Transcription in Python:

    def to_rna(dna):
        dna_rna_trans = {'G': 'C', 'C': 'G', 'T': 'A', 'A': 'U'}
        rna_strand = []
        dna_list = list(dna)
        for dna_nucleotide in dna_list:
            if dna_nucleotide not in dna_rna_trans:
                return ''
        return …
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  3. Day 68/100: Off my game / Reading

    Today I was pretty well off my game. Did a lot of administrative work for MUG and what-not, but didn't get to doing much programming. Hoping to rectify this tomorrow (before the MUG meeting. :) )

    Did a little reading here and there. Did a little reading of the Guile Manual. Still …

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