1. Annus Mirabilis

    This year I thought for sure that it would be my "Annus Mirabilis", or "notable year" because of my moving to disability and having the ability to focus on my creative goals. And in some ways I have: I've been putting in the work on some of my projects and …

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  2. Craftsmanship and programming

    I woke up this morning thinking about craftsmanship and programming.

    Specifically, I think it's time to put this metaphor to bed.

    I remember advertisements for Optimized Software Solutions (later ICD) that used the metaphor of craftsmen in need of precision tools, and extrapolating that metaphor to programmers demanding better software …

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  3. Whither AT&T

    My parents have been long-time customers of AT&T. They've endured the transition from Michigan Bell to Ameritech to AT&T's final form. They've had a land-line longer than I've been alive.

    Today that all changed. Today they're now with WOW!.

    The reason is pretty simple. AT&T no longer …

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