1. Quiet

    I'm sitting here on the couch with my laptop on my lap (and a bamboo laptop desk underneath so I'm not relying on my legs to support said laptop. It's relatively quiet outside. I spent the afternoon writing a program to take my appointments for my treatment from a JSON …

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  2. Game designer

    I got to thinking last night about my role as a game designer. This was brought on by the absolutely fabulous Pyramid Arcade which is like a treasure-trove of board-game (and more) designing tools. That got me thinking of the title of "Game Designer". Honestly I've been tinkering wit various …

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  3. Things I didn't know about having cancer

    I'm posting this in the hopes that anyone who is either diagnosed with cancer or has someone who is diagnosed with cancer will have a little bit more to go on than what we had. I'll admit that when I was diagnosed with cancer it felt like someone had pulled …

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