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    Working for the auto industry has its benefits... working as a contract employee in the auto industry does not, as you have to take off the auto industry holidays as vacation time. Oh well... At least I get some quality time off.

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    Just in case you haven't heard, Clippy got fired from Microsoft. Yep, the annoying paperclip's services are no longer required according to Microsoft, since Office XP is going to be much easier to use. I think Clippy just missed his true calling in life. Or perhaps he was upset that …

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    JoDee and I managed to find Disco yesterday (We used a map... much like this one. Unfortunately, it's a stretch that JoDee has driven many times, and has only known as Shelby Township. I think Disco may truly be dead, or at least not have any signs. Oh well... We …

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    JoDee, Ruth, Sarah, and I spent yesterday night looking for Disco, Michigan. We couldn't find it, but we did have fun driving along in Ruth's Chevy Blazer, after having way too much caffiene. I was in search of the "Welcome to Disco" sign, which, alas, eluded me. Oh well. If …

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