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    Got the results of my IVP today. I still have some for of kidney stone. Grrr... I thought I was over this, but it appears I'm not. I'm still on the water diet. Oh well. Grrrrr...

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    CDNOW is having a sale until JoDee's Brthday (February 14th... coincidentally the day other people celebrate her birthday :) ) You can take 15% off any order $9.95 or more. If you use this link, I'll get some credit for it. And won't that make you feel better, knowing that you've …

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    OK, I'd like to know why the last few times I've been to Chili's Restaraunts in the Metro-Detroit area, they haven't had Turkey. (I like to order their Turkey Combo. It's a half sandwich with a salad or soup. It's a real bargain.) I'm wondering if they're discontinuing that item …

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    Kidney Stone update: It's out! Yay!!! No surgery necessary. :)

    Congratulations to JoDee's Solo and Ensembles students! (5 ones and 1 two!) You guys rock!

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