Two more years

Two more years until we have to endure olympic-sized hoopla bullcrap again. Let the hype machine commence, and let the money-circus play in a new town. Blah. This isn't the spirit of competition anymore... it's the charade of dope-fiends vs. the IOC, with the advertisers spending themselves silly supporting it for their shot at 30 seconds of fame. Blah. But just because the olympics, we're supposed to care a little more, and pay attention a little more. These feats are olympic, after all! Herculean, even. The pains these people take to make it to the olympics are olympic sized pains, and the broadcasters waste little time in whacking spectators over the head with that fact. Heck, on three occasions when JoDee had the games on, the commentators had to comment that when you're performing a specific feat, one thing on your mind is you might die while doing it. Heck, I could die while getting out of bed every morning, but you don't see Nike exclaiming "Just Do It" as I plod along to the bathroom. UPS isn't a proud sponsor of me brushing my teeth. Starbucks hasn't provided me free coffee for waking up that morning. McDonalds doesn't provide my lunch for me. And I'm supposed to identify with olympic atheletes just because they're doing something that I'll never be able to do? I'm not knocking the athletes, because most of them are performing some incredible feats. I do resent the stigma the games posess in making me feel like I have to care. I don't. Good riddance for another 2 years.