1. Goodbye Checkers. You are missed.

    This won't mean a lot to most people, but I think it needs to be said: Checkers (Dan and Char's dog) passed away on Saturday. Checkers was one of my favorite dogs ever, and though I'm highly allergic to dogs, I always loved Checkers. He was a large dalmatian full …

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  2. Stupid morning

    I managed to wake everyone up in the complex by getting my keys this morning. Anyone who owns a GM car will know exactly what I'm talking about: You grab your keys, accidentally hit the panic button, and set your car off like a hair-trigger car alarm. But it gets …

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  3. Cops! On my arse!

    Weird day today. Both JoDee and I were followed today by state cops this morning. I had one follow me practically into the parking lot at work, while JoDee had one follow her on the freeway for a while until some other shiny bright bauble passed by. What a day …

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  4. You're not doing it right

    We got a brochure in the mail from Starbucks with our paper yesterday. After leafing through it, we've learned that we're ordering our coffee wrong. Instead of barking out "Grande Coffee", I should be saying "Grande Coffee, without room, with legs". Man, do I feel dumb. All this time those …

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