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    Well, JoDee is in Indianapolis for the APS convention, and I'm stuck back here bored. I've been trying to keep myself busy getting things done. So far I've gotten a fair number of things done. This is not a hint for JoDee to take more trips, though. I miss her …

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    If you're in someone's bathroom, and your business doesn't go down in one flush, it is better to ask if a second flush will do the trick

    I was over at Dan and Char's place tonight when the call of nature punched through on the direct line. So, after finishing …

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    Looks like Not A Number has filed for bankruptcy, and so begins the eulogy for Blender, one of the best damn freeware 3D applications out there. I hope they do the right thing and allow it to live on, preferably with the GPL. Thank you Ton and company for a …

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